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Who is this for?

For Photographers, Busy Moms or anyone wanting to know more and my clients wanting to book a PROFESSIONAL photoshoot with me.

Go from being a hobby photographer to a professional one?


A frustrated busy Mom who wants to take better photos of her kids


Young and unsure of what you want to do when you leave school, but show an interest in photos. Perfect for your teenager.

Whether it’s technical (workshops or training), creative (styling and products for shoots) or business (Marketing, social media and studio) related knowledge, I can help you.

What I would have given to have the opportunity of a mentor session back when I started. It would have saved me so much time, effort and money.

Through years of practice, I have made enough mistakes and I have learned from them. I have spent hours and hours and heaps of money on workshops and training, learning how to edit, how to pose and direct my subjects, how to read and work the light, how to work time effectively, how to price myself, etc, etc. It has been an interesting journey, but also a long and costly one. I’m now at a point where I feel that my experiences & products i use that can help others save time and money.

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Some of our products are READY TO SHIP (shipping in 48 hours), others will be made just for you. Each product has information when we can send it to you.

Remember, it's possible!

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After you fill any required information in the cart, you’ll see all available shipping methods and the price of the delivery is automatically calculated.

In exceptional cases, your delivery price can be different from the system calculation. Then, we will contact you before your item is dispatched to discuss it further.




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