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Lifestyle Home Collection

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| F A M I L Y



Let me guess? Your house is a big pile of chaos. You have celebrated a poop in the potty, come on we have all done that. You can recite the "baby shark" song by memory. You have locked yourself in your room while your kids tried to murder each other over a stuffed animal (or book, or Barbie, or lego, or all of the above). You have argued with a toddler about why they cannot wear shorts when it's 5 degrees outside or a princess dress to school.



 I FEEL you. I'm there with you. I also know that there is so much joy in your stage of life, whatever that may be. Whether it's your one-year-old learning to pick up their favorite toy and play by themselves. Or your two-year-old saying their first real sentence, that only you can understand. Or the first time your three-year-old wears underwear without an accident. Or the first time your three-year-old reads a word. Or.... or.... or.... This is the time. The time everyone talks about wanting back. 



| C O U P L E

Your home is the centre of your story. It is your safe place. Within these walls you have created and started a life together. You have enjoyed endless days of happiness. Or perhaps felt sorrow. However your story is written, your home is the centre of all those feelings. Filled with memories that truly touch your heart in a special way.

Top 5 Reasons you should book your photo session in your home;

  1. The photos are unique to you. – This is your space. Filled with items that all have an attached story with them. This is your safe place. Uniquely yours.
  2. You never have to worry about the weather. – Rain or shine, the session still goes on unlike when you schedule outdoor photos.
  3. Your home is the centre of your story. – Your place in which you spend most of your time nurturing your relationship.
  4. The photos will showcase a piece of your history. – Life will continue to unfold and I want to provide you with beautiful documentation of a time lived, loved and past.
  5. The images are real! – There’s no need to curl your hair or fret about wardrobe choices. These photos are intended to reflect the everyday you.

I'm here to help you remember it all.

Included in Every Session

All sessions come with digital downloads to choose your allocated images from. Approximately two weeks after your session, you will get a link to your online gallery. You can download your selected images, share it with family and friends for them to view, buy prints at seriously discounted prices, or save images onto your phone.  Excludes travel fee

All bookings are handled via e-mail, with easy electronic contracts and deposits.



  • 60min session in your home
  • excl travel fee
  • 30 high res images sent online


  • 2 to 3 hrs at your home
  • excl travel fee
  • 50 high res images sent online
  • I also offer the option to go on-location as part of this shoot so you can have the best of both. Since photographing you in meaningful places is my jam, we will try to come up with somewhere that is beautiful, yes, but is also meaningful to you and your family or as a couple


 In addition to your session, there are some extras you may want to take advantage of.

 I offer beautiful custom luxury albums, What is a luxury album and why is it different than something you can find on the interwebs with a discount code? Well, guys. First of all, it's beautiful. Second of all, it is basically indestructible. They are insanely high quality, with matte images, and pages that are thick enough for your toddler to handle.